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BlykNormally there isn’t nothing big in companies appointing CEOs or recruiting people. However, this time I believe there is something ineherently different happening in terms of Blyk that will tell the whole industry how different it is compared to a few years ago. Blyk is a Finnish based startup that offers a free mobile contract to 16-to-24 -year-olds in exchange for advertisements.

Eric Samson is the former Managing Director of Carat Belgium. Now as far as I know, Carat doesn’t engage itself in mobile operator business at all. When Blyk is bringing a heavy weight advertising and marketing specialist onboard it tells about the business the company is in as well as how dedicated they are to promoting the way the company is seen.

This brings about an interesting point to many startups – how many are still focusing on technology through company recruicts, when (possibly) the focus should be on answering the market needs such as in the case of Blyk? No doubt the technological understanding is important, but isn’t the customer insight even more important?

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