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Blurt.at is another of the Garage48 projects that were launched over the duration of 48 hours a few weeks back. They haven’t stopped with their development and are moving full steam ahead with the idea. Blurt.at is a new way to create polls and comment on them. The project team behind the idea, according to Garage48 website, was Anu Viks, Sander Jahilo, Maret Kruve, Priit Salumaa, Asko Seeba, Meelis Kaldalu, Jaan Tallinn (as well as Ahti Heinla and Jaen Saul were helping out).

The service is extremely simple, as was the previous service from Garage48 we covered, sayat.me. In Blurt, you continue the sentence “I think that…” with a free opinion on pretty much anything. These opinions will then get shared with others and people can also comment and agree on them.

The web service itself is nice, but not very viral to begin with. What Blurt.at has now created is a plugin for bloggers. Asko Seeba, one of the creators of the service demos the plugin on his blog. Below is a screenshot of the plugin in action.

What I really like about the plugin is that you don’t have to scroll over to the sidebar to answer a poll, that isn’t in any context, but instead cast your thoughts on the opinion as you read on. Obviously this is a long way from commercialisation, unless you begin selling the widget. Nevertheless, I think it shows the importance of having these sort of hackathons, such as Garage48, to create new products and services.

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