Bloglovin' concentrates on connecting its content with commerce

    Bloglovin’, a lifestyle and fashion blogging platform with Swedish roots, acquires a social shopping application Finale and appoints a new CEO with background in mobile business and e-commerce.

    Blog aggregation platform Bloglovin’ announced that they’re appointing Giordano Bruno Contestabile as their new CEO. The company describes Contestabile’s appointment as a strategic move to link Bloglovin’s content tighter with commerce. To strengthen their mobile operations, the company also acquires Contestabile’s newest venture Finale – a pre-launch social fashion shopping app.

    Mattias Swenson, the co-founder of Bloglovin’, says that they’re excited about the new team members joining the company. The new CEO with over 15 years of experience in leading mobile ventures and the acquisition with e-commerce technology platform will allow Bloglovin’ to integrate shopping opportunities in their user experience and it enables reaching out for new revenue streams also from content creators’ perspective.

    “It’s the perfect time to bring in leadership with deep experience in e-commerce and mobile, and we are looking forward to rolling out new revenue opportunities for our bloggers, while enabling our users to shop as they read.”

    The new CEO, Contestabile, says that Bloglovin’s focus will be in the near future in integrating shopping opportunities to the blogging platform. He sees that by combining commerce with Bloglovin’s huge reach and rich content, the new services will benefit even more the whole platform, the users, the blogging community and the partner brands.

    “Over the next few months, you will begin to see the company grow its media footprint and enter the e-commerce space. I am honored for the opportunity to lead the company into the next chapter,” Contestabile states.

    It’s also gonna be interesting to see how the acquired app Finale, designed to gamify discovering and shopping for fashion and accessories, will be integrated in the platform – and how it will influence in the actions of over 6 million highly engaged registered users of Bloglovin’.