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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Bloglovin Announces $7 million Series A

If you’ve ever seen Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, you’ll agree that had the young queen lived today, Bloglovin would be one of her addictions.

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If you haven’t, you’ll have to take my word for it; Bloglovin is all about fashion, lifestyle and pretty much all the small guilty pleasures and the big “little things” of life, something, if not Antoinette, at least Coppola is very fond of.

Bloglovin users will be pleased to hear that the company just raised a $7 million series A funding, led by European investor Norhtzone and joined by existing backers like Betaworks, Lerer Ventures, White Star Capital and Bassett Investment Group.

Taking into account their $1 million round led by Betaworks a little less than two years ago, Bloglovin’s total capital investments linger in the $8 million.

In a nutshell, Bloglovin is the platform where users can manage and curate their favourite fashion & lifestyle blogs. The format is undoubtedly attractive; According to Bloglovin, the platform currently has 16 million unique visitors on a monthly basis.

The raised fund will be heavily used for engineer recruiting, whom are needed to maintain and develop Bloglovin’s applications and website frontend.

Additionally, the fund will accelerate plans to grow the users and the blogger base across key categories including Fashion, Beauty, Food, and DIY, and introduce new engagement and personalization features.

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