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Applifier certainly sprung up some interesting competition in Facebook as it revealed just how successful it has been. Blog!Flow has taken this same concept to blogs, who would like to receive more visbility and readers. In short, they too, are promising new readers for free who use the Blog!Flow banner on their website. The cross promotion network takes some of these advertisements and sells them onwards to those wanting to buy more visibility.

The service has been launched into closed beta by the same team that worked on Videoflow. Teppo Hudson leads the team and we talked to him about their plans and where Blog!flow stands currently.

ArcticStartup (AS): What is Blog!flow and what were the steps leading up to it?

Teppo Hudson (TH): Blog!flow is a cross-promotion tool for bloggers and other such media outlets. Mainly for the ones, who as content creators are feeling like drowning within the increasingly fragmenting media landscape.

We have worked a lot with bloggers at Videoflow.com, so there is a certain familiarity there. We studied the opportunity during November, developed the basics in December, tested with a failed top banner and redesigned in January and launched early February.

AS: The concept seems to very much similar to Applifier’s concept in Facebook, who are the biggest competitors at the moment and how do you position yourself to them?

TH: Sure Applifier’s concept is the base for inspiration, however I believe we will be integrating with a much broader userbase. I anticipate to mix with media blogs, company blogs and product sites, which all have their own peculiarities. So I think it will require a bit more work to handle, most importantly awesome targeting tools and intelligence from banner display engine. To be honest, I have not found an exact competitor, but I imagine blog listing services are the ones currently.

For bloggers we are positioning as a “premium quality network to get new readers for free”. Blog!flow screens each blog to keep the quality high, and reminds them that bloggers are truly revolutionising media online. We support bloggers to be crazy enough to think they can change the media business. Blog!flow core value is to “enable bloggers”, help them promote their blogs and eventually provide a revenue source as well.

AS: When can we expect to see something live?

TH: We are up and running. Within the first week Blog!flow hit a speed of about 1.000.000 unique banner impressions / month. And growing as we speak.

AS: Are there any prerequisites for bloggers to join the network?

TH: Quality regular updates. That’s what we are looking for. I would like to point out that companies or anyone communicating over regularly updated media can join. You do not have to be an individual blogger.

AS: What kinds of sites are you working with currently and how many sites have you signed up?

TH: Currently we are focusing on Business, Fashion and Food blogs. These are the most interesting ones.

After the first week the service has 65 registered account, roughly 70% from the nordics and 30% rest of the Europe. That is not a huge amount as we are slowly opening and starting to promote the service. We are very happy with the response and are already getting some feedback from the blogs to improve the service. Most striking is that blogs are even giving ideas on how to provide non-banner form of advertising as we wish to generate income for them.

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