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According to a blog post by GigaOM, Blaast has raised financing from some top tier investors. Blaast is a Finland based startup creating a cloud based mobile platform to change the way we think of user experience on mobile devices, says Joonas Hjelt the CEO of the company. We reached out to him to learn more about the situation as there is no official press release or announcement itself. According to the GigaOM article, investors include Ambient Sound Investments among others.

“GigaOM had the funding info right: Our investors indeed include Ambient Sound Investments, Pekka Vartiainen and other angels. Blaast is also in the Finnish Government’s Vigo program with Veturi Venture Accelerator, one of the investors”, Joonas Hjelt confirmed.

Pekka Vartiainen is an individual angel investor, although he works currently as venture partner with Sunstone Capital. In his past, he has also worked with Nokia as the Senior VP & General Manager, Americas at Nokia Mobile Phones. Furthermore, Ambient Sound Investments is a fund put together by the former engineers of Skype – even more experience and competence from the world of telephony.

Joonas Hjelt also went on to confirm that Blaast is indeed working on a cloud based mobile platform. “We are putting together serious technology to make a leap in what you can expect from a mobile device. Everyone in the mobile ecosystem will love it”, he stated.

Currently, they are polishing the first version of their platform. Later this spring they wil be doing trials with some partners. The platform will see daylight this summer.

All this is looking very, very interesting. If you think about it, the interesting fact is that such a service could partly make old fashioned telcos redundant. Why so? If Blaast succeeds, all they will need is a data connection – all communication will go through the cloud. In the future, operators are only needed to guarantee a reliable data connection to phones, calls will eventually be free and so will our current form of communication.

Joonas Hjelt echoed the outcry of so many startups in Northern Europe currently – they are lacking talent to build their technology and company. Blaast currently has numerous positions open for suitable candidates. After revelations like this, Blaast is all the more interesting and easily a great place to work with world class technology on the cutting edge.

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