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Ok, this is a story I was supposed to write earlier this week. First, when I set out to take some screenshots of the game on my iPad I ended up spending a good 30 minutes with the game before forgetting what I was meant to do. The game is addictive as hell and it’s called Bike Baron. It’s an iPhone and iPad game from Mountain Sheep (produced together with Qwiboo). It’s also understandable why it took a while for Kimmo Vihola, the CEO of Mountain Sheep, to get back to my questions too. The game has shot to the top 1 spot in 62 countries, in less than a week. That’s faster than Angry Birds!

The game is very similar to Angry Birds in terms of the elements of game play. It’s ridiculously easy to learn, but extremely hard to master. You only have a few controls available, but still you keep surprising yourself with the endless tricks the man on the motorcycle is able to go through. Below are some screenshots of the game I finally managed to grab.

The game has sold more than 300 000 copies since its launch, which happened last Friday. It features 40 levels, where a man on a motorcycle (together with his cat) has to ride through different levels collecting gold coins. Read that sentence again – how good is that for a story?! Not only are there 40 levels, but in addition, you are able to create your own levels through the in-game level editor. Just last weekend, just a few days after the launch, I saw a comment by a company employee saying more than 500 user generated levels had been created. The game also takes advantage of the cloud, meaning you’re able to share levels you create to other players in the game.

Previous titles from Mountain Sheep include Minigore and Death Rally which means the company has got some fame under its belt already. Nevertheless, Bike Baron is going to be one big success as more and more people find out about it. I saw it myself after Apple promoted the game to a featured app -status just Saturday, a day after its launch. Mountain Sheep is located in Helsinki, Finland.

Get the app to your iOS device now. It’s only $0.99 or 0,79 euros for us Europeans.

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