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Betware is also another of Library House’s nominees for the 100 hottest companies to change the media technology industry. Like the name suggests, Betware is into providing online gambling and gaming platforms through turnkey solutions. The company itself is relatively old as it has started operations already back in 1996.

Betware has had enough time to build a very respectable and admirable business proposition for its clients through it products and solutions. The platform truly offers all the necessary modules and tools required to start a gaming site and get it going – hence a true turnkey solution.

In terms of games, they have developed over 100 games categorized into number games, sports betting games, racing games, instant games, casino games, multiplayer games as well as live betting. Betware also claims that these games are all playable through the mobile phone, internet as well as in some cases in the future, the digital television.

There’s definitely a large ecosystem of different kind of gaming in the Nordic and Baltic region, be it mobile games, casual games or money games like in the case of Betware. What are your thoughts, should we cover these topics more in the future as well?