A recruitment agency is a professional body which serves as a link between job seekers and organizations. The function of a recruitment agency is to maintain a database of job seekers and help their client companies to hire the perfect candidate for the job. Such a placement consultant firm not only finds a suitable employee for their clients but also advertise job profiles on their behalf. A recruitment agency saves time and minimizes the costs. Therefore it is quite beneficial for the organization. At the same time, it proves to be a great boon for job seekers. With the help of a placement consultant, it becomes very easy to find an appropriate job that suits their needs, and they no more have to send multiple applications.

Such agencies are very popular among big enterprises as the recruitment function is not the primary function of such companies. By outsourcing this hectic and time-consuming work to a recruitment agency, they can focus on their primary functions.

A good recruitment agency helps its clients to hire the best candidates in the least possible time. They fasten the recruitment and selection process. They only send those applications which fulfil the criteria given by the client company. They ensure that only high-quality people reach their clients and send in only those candidates who have already been interviewed and evaluated. A placement consultant is an expert in the field of recruitment and therefore, they know how to interview people and assess their skills adequately. Hiring a recruitment agency for employment purposes is highly cost-effective and charges their client only when they can find a suitable employee who matches with the given job profile. Therefore, a recruitment agency does a major part of their work before it has received any kind of compensation from the client company. Since a placement consultant has expertise in this field, they have complete knowledge of the market and diverse database that enables them to find the perfect candidate for the job. Hiring employees through a placement consultant firm or a recruitment agency also ensures more stability for employees. Furthermore, it helps its client to find a replacement, incase a specific employee quits. A recruitment agency presents its clients keeping in mind the employer branding. It presents its clients in a highly professional way so that the potential candidate gets an idea about the work culture and policies followed in the company. They give the candidates an insight into the job profile and expected duties and responsibilities.

Recruitment may be a seasonal function, and companies require such services periodically but outsourcing it to a recruitment agency eases out the pressure and works best for big and dynamic enterprises.

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