Best Christmas Gifts From The Nordics

Christmas is almost here, which means that after spending the whole year without a single holiday – because you have been bootstrapping your company of course – you are excited to spend a few days with family and friends.

So there you are, by the Christmas tree, snuggling up to the fireplace and seeing a lot of gift boxes with your name on it. You grab the first one, unwrap the gift-wrap, full of excitement, only to find – a sweater, a t-shirt and a coffee mug.

Don’t want this to happen to you and your friends? We made a list of products, designed and developed right here in the Nordics. Here are the best Christmas gifts from the Nordics and Baltic that startup founders, techies and entrepreneurs will love.

Oura ring

Oura. Healthy entrepreneur = happy entrepreneur. If you care about productivity, health and wellbeing, this wearable ring from Finland might be a perfect gift for you. The ring helps you achieve restorative sleep, align with your natural circadian rhythm, track your daily activities and stress level. Oura announced the release of the new ring at Slush this November. The new titanium Oura is water resistant up 100 meters (328 ft.) and comes in three unique designs and four colour options. You can now pre-order the new Our ring at a good discount.

Ambronite supermeal

Ambronite. “Be your own superhero,” is a long time Ambronite moto. Whether you are a busy entrepreneur, digital nomad or a professional athlete, you deserve the best food possible without any compromise. Finnish real food meal replacement Ambronite helps you to quench hunger in seconds with its real food formula for optimal nutrition. Ambronite comes in 4 different flavours, which satisfy the most demanding customers. You can order it online with –10% discount with the code ARCTICSTARTUP10.

Click and Grow

Click and Grow. Moving on to the healthy note, we could not shy away from Estonian company Click and Grow. Let’s face it, here in the Nordics we spend most of our time indoors. Why not add some fresh green look and feel to our homes and offices? That’s the minimum we, as city-dwellers can do to make sure we have an instant supply of daily greens for brain health and productivity. Click and Grow will turn your kitchen into a mini-garden full of herbs and vegetables. The company offers indoor gardens with 25 euros discount. Use the code 25getagarden17 at checkout.

Flic button

Flic. How many times have you been in a situation when you wanted to turn on the music but ended up spending another half an hour checking social media and reading emails? Flic is a simple and stylish wireless button from Sweden that lets you perform various tasks without using your phone. Just imagine how much more time you will get by outsourcing certain actions to a single click. There are many creative ways for using the button, from sales tracking to controlling lights in the office, to sending lunch requests to colleagues. Use code Welcome to get 10% off the entire order on Flic web-store.

reMarkable tablet

reMarkable. In a digital world we rely on apps a lot, – here is your app for notes, and over there is your app for scheduling. There’s an app for signing documents, for editing images, writing and sharing documents, reading, sketching, and so on. For those of us who prefer paper over screens, and likes to keep everything in one place, Norwegian company reMarkable offers a paper-like tablet with digital powers. You can read, write, make notes and sketches and store all your documents on your own cloud service. Order your reMarkable here.

FlowMotion stabilizer

FlowMotion. Do you like to run around with your camera? Has movie-making been a long-time dream of yours, but you never dared to try it for real? This Norway-made gadget will help you to become a professional filmmaker in minutes. FlowMotion crowdfunding campaign topped the charts with 1,3 million dollars on Kickstarter. The gadget is simple, stylish and bendy enough to fit your pocket. Order your stabiliser stick, tripod mount and a travel case with -33% discount and get a free shipping.

Vejrhoj watch

VEJRHØJ. The most precious resource we have is time, we all know that. This stylish watch made of wood and steel with a maritime touch will help you keep track of your time. Vejrhoj has been around since 2015 and won a lot of fans from the Nordic design lovers. The founder of the company, Danish entrepreneur Janus Aarup raised over 100.000 USD on Kickstarter and since then continues to design and sell stylish watches in the Nordics and beyond. Get your watch here.

The ArcticStartup team wishes everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year holidays! If you enjoyed our stories this year and want to support us in our mission to raise the new generation of true entrepreneurs, get a ticket to Arctic15 as a Christmas gift for yourself or someone you know!

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