Berlin Ready For TOA

    Next week the European startup community will meet in Berlin for TOA -Tech Open Air, which has found a new home for its more than 7,500 attendees and a stunning 175+ satellite events.

    The speakers list is impressive – Sync Project’s Marko Ahtisaari, Vai Kai’s Matas Petrikas, Lingvist’s Mait Müntel, Jobbatical’s Karoli Hindriks, Jyri Engeström of Jaiku and Ditto, and also Arctic15 winner, Entocube’s Perttu Karjalainen.

    Beyond them, there are a few local and global names too 😉

    TOA is also expanding to other markets – first foreign event will be in Los Angeles and the team is evaluating other exciting locations in emerging markets.

    “Other than connecting different disciplines we want to take it one step further and help connect ecosystems with one another. While some retirees may want to drive us apart (#Brexit), we seek to build a platform that brings us together!” it said in.


    TOA is on a mission to “connect, grow and inspire the human spirit through interdisciplinary knowledge exchange & collaboration.”

    “At TOA we are most fascinated by the intersection of technology AND culture. We see technology as the common denominator that drives innovation in every angle of society. It is the enabler for knowledge exchange and collaboration,” TOA Founder Niko Woischnik said in a blog.

    Taking place July 13–14, TOA festival links tech, music, art and science. The event features over 150 speakers and over 175 satellite events over the days in Berlin.

    Nordic links are not limited to the few speakers – there will be a Slush Festival to end the conference —  Slush X Jobspotting Festival.