Belarus dictator closes Imaguru, the main Minsk startup hub says

The main startup hub of Belarus, Imaguru, said it would become homeless as it has to move out from its current premises by April 30 as its landlord has terminated the lease due to “an order from above”.

“The Belarusian regime shuts down the space of free-thinking innovative entrepreneurs and the birthplace of a large number of startups, the country’s main startup hub, and the country’s gates for international VCs,” Imaguru said on its web page.

“The state can take away our premises, destroy our business physically, but it will never be able to take away what is inside us – this is our freedom, our talent, our brains, our community. We have already built a community of free, enterprising, active people – and this is Imaguru’s contribution to the common victory.”


Imaguru says it has helped over 300 local startups, which have created over 3,500 jobs, and attracted investment of over $100 million. The most known Belarus startups include companies like MSQRD and PandaDoc.