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Daniel Blomquist of Creandum, a Swedish early stage venture capital company, has posted an excellent post to their blog analysing the differences between the Nordic countries to other countries as well as analysing the differences within themselves. In essence, Daniel goes on to confirm what Will Cardwell said some time ago.

Creandum has gathered a lot of knowledge about the Nordic venture capital market over the last two years to understand the ecosystem better and thus be able to work in it better. They now share some of this knowledge with us. Their main findings from the report were:

  • The Nordic region is an attractive market – relatively much larger exit value than rest of Europe
  • Technology sector is maturing – more substance, less expectation exits
  • IPO & exit to US companies are vital for large exit value BUT IPO dried up after 2001 and US economy is not as dominant any more – what will the impact be?

But don’t take our word for it, just as Creandum said in their blog post – have a look at the study yourself and make your conclusions from the data.

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