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Beddit Raised Over $500k In The Most Successful Crowdfunding Campaign in Finland

Beddit, the sleep pattern and wellness tracker Indiegogo campaign came to an end last week, when they announced that they have raised a whopping $503 472. This makes them the most successful reward-based crowdfunding campaign coming out of Finland.

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The concept is simple, you put a thin film of sensors between your bed sheet and the bed and it does the rest. It is so sensitive that it can detect your heartbeat, breathing patterns, movements and then use the data to display it all in the app.

The fact that they got so much attention does not really surprise us. Most other sleeping apps do not really base it on sophisticated technology and research, whereas the technology behind Beddit is accurate enough for medical use. In fact, some variations that the team built was able to measure the photoacoustic pressure of light. You know… how much the light itself weighs. You can read a more detailed overview of the project in our previous coverage.

Through the campaign, over 5000 units were ordered from 106 different countries, out of which more than half were from USA. The funding itself is not all about the money, as founder and CEO, Lasse Leppäkorpi explains.

“Half a million dollars in pre-orders is in itself a great achievement and with that we can finish the product. The biggest benefit from the crowd-funding is that it validated that there is demand for the product. With the attention from the campaign, we got several contacts from possible partners, resellers and even interested investors” says Leppäkorpi.

Top Image Courtesy of Shutterstock // Sleeping Beauty

If you were late to the campaign, you can still order it on their website.

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