BeatPhonic Attempts To Turn Your Phone Into A Musical Instrument

    Sure, there are plenty of piano, guitar and drumming apps out there. However they are all ports of existing musical instruments into your phone. Beatphonic got in touch with us and told us that they created an app that helps to create music on the go, simply by shaking your phone.

    The idea is that music is difficult but with the help of the app, you can start creating simple musical patterns by simply making a few choices and then shaking your phone in a specific way to generate the right sounds/patterns. This is rather cool to play around with and it looks even better when pretty girls do it:

    Jukka Rauhala, the CEO of Soundical, the startup behind Beatphonic has a PhD in audio signal processing and was previously developing audio algorithms for Nokia but always wanted to develop “an audio engine that is flexible and allows to synthesize and modify stuff in real time.”

    This is what is running behind Beatphonic and allows you to modify the music on the go. I got to test drive the app and it was very interesting, however it does need some getting used to and perhaps it might feel a little limited in what you can do with it right now. That being said, there is potential and I can definitely see a lot of teenagers using this, which is the main demographic anyhow.

    Since Soudical went through the AppCampus program, Microsoft got really interested in the project and decided to promote the app to the global marketing managers within Microsoft during the launch, so they are going to get a decent boost through the partnership.

    According to Rauhala: “Some research shows that almost 70% of the adults said that they would like to learn to play some instrument. We want to enable everybody to make their own music.”

    With Beatphonic, they are focusing on teenagers but they have already built apps for kids that reached over 30,000 downloads and are planning to target other demographics in the future as well.

    With the AppCampus program, they need to stick to the Windows platform for 3 months, but because the original sound engine is built for iOS, when the time comes Rauhala says that they can launch on iOS and Android very quickly.

    Here are a few examples of songs made using Beatphonic:

    Top Image Courtesy of Shutterstock // Music