Band On the Web launches producer finding tool

    I suppose a good music producer is like a good startup mentor – you just might pay to get a good one. With that in mind Oulu, Finland based NetSono has launched a producer finding tool to their beta-launched platform for bands, Band on the Web, that aims to hook you up with an experienced person behind the Soundboard for feedback and potential collaboration.

    The producer service is launched with Finnish household names Leri Leskinen, Hiili Hiilesmaa, Riku Pääkkönen and Jussi Jaakonaho who have worked with bands like HIM and Nightwish to the highly popular Vain Elämää (the Finnish version of the TV format The Best Singers).

    The concept seems like a good feature, but I imagine the market size for this isn’t that big – they’re shooting for the middle-ground of aspiring musicians that aren’t good or connected enough to get their music in front of a producer naturally, but are still good enough to drop some money to get feedback. But if American Idol has taught the world anything, it’s that there are plenty of people that are looking for their chance to get famous and in front of the right people.

    Luckily Band on the Web has more tricks up their sleeve, like online want-ads to search for new musicians and arrange auditions, and an online platform to record and share demo songs. Recalling last week’s article with Sharingear, the music industry still works on a word-of-mouth basis, and there’s potential value in democratizing knowledge.

    For you up and coming artists, you’ll have to check out Finland’s Music Kickup for publishing your tracks to Spotify and managing your merch, Copenhagen’s Sharingear for getting cheap gear and roadies, and then Stockholm’s Epidemic Sound when you realize those experimental b-tracks might work better as stock music.