Baltic‘s Foodout Expands to Ukraine & Belarus

Lithuanian mobile and internet food delivery service Foodout, merges with the Ukrainian EDA.UA Newly established company is a part of Foodout development strategy in CEE/CIS and will open operations in Belarus.

Eevgenyi Kazantcev, Founder and CEO of EDA.UA comments “We have worked very hard during these last years, developing strategic alliances, great relations with the main restaurants and building trust among our customers. Customer service, the best user experience and our passion helped us to become the leader of online food delivery in Ukraine. By exchanging delivery experience, merging marketing and technology teams of both partners, we are very excited to take the next big step in order to provide a world class service to Ukrainian consumers.”

“We believe that food delivery and takeaway business is moving into consolidation phase. We think that acquiring the #1 player is the smartest way in terms of ROI”, says Tomas Martunas, Chairman of Board at Foodout Group.

Foodout Group demonstrated 10 million Euros in turnover last year, while in the first half of 2017 it grew by 53% compared to the same period in 2016. The company has already fulfilled more than 1.7 million orders from about 4,000 restaurants. After the merger Foodout Group will be present in 6 countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Iran) with the total population of 140 million people. The company has ambitious plans to conquer Baltic & CEE/CIS food delivery market.

“We expect to continue further consolidation and mergers, which are planned for the end of 2017“, said Tomas Martunas, Chairman of the Foodout Group Board.