Balancion has become fully commercial as of 15th of April. Balancion is the Finnish equivalent of as in a personal finance service, where a user is able to keep account of her income and expenses as shown on her bank account. The monthly subscription prices are not overly expensive as prices range from 4 to 6 euros based on the length of payment.

All beta clients will automatically get 2 months of free usage so they won’t have to pay until June for the service. New users will also get a month of free usage up front to test the service. The prices are split into three groups. The shortest period, 3 months costs 18€, where as 6 months costs 28€ and the one year subscription costs 48€. All prices include VAT, so the cost for the service is somewhat average among web services.

It’s great to see services such as Balancion capitalise on their potential early on. I believe this is necessary to prove the point whether the service will work or not. If people are unwilling to pay for it, it’s a clear signal telling the founders something else needs to be thought of. However, if users see more value in the service than 4 to 6 euros (based on their plan) – Balancion is well on it’s way to sustainable growth.