Backend Developer Needed. Adtile, Reinventing Advertising, is Looking for Talent

    Editor’s Note: This is a promoted jobs post by Adtile.

    Everyone is seems to lean towards the “hate” side of their love/hate relationship with the advertising industry, so why would you want to work in it? Well, Helsinki/San Diego-based Adtile is moving fast with an outside take on the advertising with a plan to make the industry better for everybody. The company recently closed their series A, and is now looking for a backend developer.

    What you should know before you interview is that Adtile is a technology company with a strong culture for creativity, innovation and non-conformity. The company has already introduced a number of innovations such as Motion Ads that use your phone’s Digital GPS, three-axis gyro, motion coprocessor, three-axis accelerometer, digital compass and proximity sensor and location data, to make advertising more interactive, such as the one in the video below. They also developed weather ads, which takes all sorts of weather data to make advertising relevant.

    So to push themselves even further, they are looking for a stellar backend developer that wants to work on something extremely challenging & new. The work would be based in Helsinki in a company culture that is very flat, with inspiring leadership, but everyone owns the product development of features from ideation, design, implementation, to release.

    According to Anniki Laine, the COO of Adtile, “We all love technology and design, you would be working on implementing science into art & design through the use of technology. In the process, you would be working with leading technology companies and Fortune 500 brands. While at it, we still always have the end user in mind.”

    Nick Williams, a front-end developer at Adtile, told us that what surprised him the most about the company was “…the attention to detail. Design and user experience is taken incredibly seriously at Adtile – everything is built carefully, with love and a meticulous eye. We have been known to spend days to get the tiniest (some may say insignificant!) detail perfect, because for us, anything less is not acceptable. “

    The company is also known to be fun and creative, as Nick tells us: “On my first visit to Finland, I enthusiastically asked if I could sample some local/national foods. I was given some Salmiakki to try, and really did not like it – so much so, I couldn’t even finish it out of politeness. Now, whenever I visit Helsinki, my colleagues keep finding new and inventive ways to trick me into eating Salmiakki!”

    We already mentioned that the company is going places, has received several rounds of funding but perhaps the most interesting fact is that it is recognized in the industry, it has won awards for it’s innovative technologies and they have a number of global internet companies, that we can not name, as their clients. Giving anyone working with them a lot of opportunities for the future.

    So if you think you got what it takes and would like to combine technology, physics and art, there is the full job description that can be found here. To apply, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

    What to include:

  • Links to your GitHub / Stack Overflow / Portfolio / Something awesome you’ve built.
  • A resume or LinkedIn profile.