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Autumn is here, and that means millions of students are going back to school. Because of the ongoing pandemic, your children may be actually going to school, continuing remote education, or perhaps, starting homeschooling. Either way, here are 5 apps that will help with everything, from education to planning, and that you must have!

1. MentalUP:
Let’s start with something both educational and fun! MentalUP is a scientific app developed by academicians and pedagogues and designed to educate and entertain all at once. It helps improve various aspects of children’s mental and cognitive skills including listening, learning, verbal, attention, focus and concentration skills, and visual, spatial and numerical intelligence via 100+ entertaining games.

As your children develop and improve their skills with 15 minutes of daily exercises, you can track their progress and compare them with their peers’. Plus, it’s child-safe with its ad-free design!
Limited version: Free*
3-month subscription: $19.99*
6-month subscription: $29.99*
Yearly subscription: $35.99*

*Pricing is valid as of September 2020.

2. Memrise
Memrise is a fun way to practice a new language! You can join their network of 42 million users and practice more than 20 different languages with native speakers. However, you have to be an intermediate-level learner to start practicing on this app because it mostly concentrates on speaking and learning words and idioms to help you be more fluent in the language. It adjusts your level as you learn and motivates you with its personalized schedule.
Monthly: $8.99/month*
Yearly: $7.50/month*
One-time payment: $139.99*

*Pricing is valid as of September 2020.

3. Prodigy
Most children hate maths – and Prodigy is here to change that. It is a learning app in which the players compete with others by taking part in math duels. This gives them a sense of challenge which will make them want to succeed — and learn math.
Fee: $4.99/month*
*Pricing is valid as of September 2020.

4. MyHomework
This app is a digital homework checklist — and a nice waste-free option as a reminder. It allows instant access to assignments and due dates for tasks, tests and homework. Once you’ve completed a task you can swipe and cross it off your list.

Fee: Basic version: free* | ad-free premium version: $4.99/year*
*Pricing is valid as of September 2020.

5. gFlash (h2)
Talking about paper-waste, here is a digital version of flashcards! This app allows students to easily create flashcards. You can download information directly from a Google Doc or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to make study prep easier than ever. However, it is currently only available for iPhones 😞.

Fee: gFlash+: free* | gFlashPro: $3.99*
*Pricing is valid as of September 2020.

We hope that you and your child will get the best use out of these apps and we wish you all a successful school year 😃

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