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Avatars UnitedAvatars United is a Stockholm Sweden based service that enables you to connect to your in-game friends or avatars. The service resembles pretty much the basics of any other social network, except in this case you are using your in game person to connect to others.

There is very limited information about the company behind the service, Enemy Unknown. All the data on the internet, such as no wayback machine data available, little data from Compete.com and Alexa, suggest that the company and the service itself are relatively new.

There are no other growth figures available from the company, except for Compete.com giving them close to 6k unique visits in September 2008. Avatars United also reveals on their developer page that they are looking to create an application platform to enable third party apps on their site.

Interesting concept, which brings about a few questions to my mind. First of all, if you are an active gamer that would take advantage of such a site as Avatars United, you probably play lots of different games. This of course brings in the difficulty of keeping all your avatars up-to-date on the site if you have to log in with each of them as a single user. Secondly, some game houses have also seen the urge to create a similar service – such as Warcraft Social by Blizzard.

Lots of potential for Avatars United, if they manage to bring together the real value of hosting all your avatars in one place. There is a lot of potential in this genre despite the tought competition. Glad to see some initiative being taken to grasp that opportunity.

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