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Audiodraft Offers A Custom-Made Solution For Advertising And Music Industry

With the Star-Wars fever ongoing, who didn’t whistle the march of Darth Vader on the way to the office?

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Music represents a major part in the success of a commercial clip or a movie, and AudioDraft from Helsinki offers a tailored solution – no matter how small budget or tight the schedule one has. Audiodraft represents over 20,000 artists globally and aims to make stock music irrelevant for professional projects.

The main difference with platforms such as Jamendo, which offer licences that can be used by other companies, is the fact that Audiodraft considers music as a full part of a company branding.

“Many businesses are still missing a clear sonic identity despite the fact that the impact of customer communication is increased over tenfold with uniform audio branding”

The Finnish startup has recently opened an office in New York City, a step toward leading the global market. As Teemu Yli-Hollo, the CEO of Audiodraft says: “Many markets are global by default nowadays. Finnish tech companies have always been thinking globally because of the small local market. The mindset and the ambition are truly set on an international level with Audiodraft as we are already working with agencies in Europe and now stepping up the game in the US with the New York office.”

The company offers three different services, from a unique track to custom tracks for ongoing needs, with a range of price beginning at $400.

With the mobile video game boom and the new channels of advertising, the need for custom music is increasing – and as many startups cannot afford an in-house music creator, the companies such as Audiodraft can set as a big player in the entertainment industry.

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