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Audiodraft Grabs Huge Opportunity To Crowdsource Next Nokia Regional Ringtones

Nokia is using Audiodraft’s platform to hold contests to create regional ringtones through crowdsourcing. This isn’t the first time Nokia has crowd-sourced their ringtone through the Audiodraft platform, but it sends a clear signal that they have been pleased with the past results the contests have generated.

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The new contests run by Nokia are to create regional ringtones for China, India, Latin America, South East Asia and Pacific, and Middle East and Africa. The prize fund totals over $37 000, with each winner receiving $1 500. It’s not a bad amount of money, and it provides a great opportunity for a sound designers’ work to be used on millions of headsets worldwide. The competition runs until 17 April, and the winners will be announced on 24 April.

Audiodraft’s platform allows anyone to hold a crowd sourcing contest to find new sound effects, music, and ringtones. To create your own contest, you decide upfront how much you’re willing to spend, and then describe what you’re looking for. Sound designers will then submit their work, which you can comment on and rate to give a greater direction of what you’re looking for. After the contest has closed, the contest creator officially selects a winner and the prize money is transferred.

It’s a cool concept, and the Helsinki-based startup has already seen its fair share of success stories by creating music for video games, tv spots, and some beer pouring music. Currently the site has over $50 000 in prize money open in the sound design contests. Audiodraft charges a $99 listing fee for each contest, and takes 10% of the prize money when the winner is chosen. If you were to run a contest and decide there is no winner, all money is refunded back to you.

I expected Nokia to want something built around the classic Nokia ringtone motif, but that’s not the case. “We are looking for expertly crafted ringtones that have some connection with local music styles and flavours.” says Henry Daw, Principal Sound Designer from Nokia Sound Design Team. ” The melodies should be wholly original, with no reference to the classic Nokia tune or any existing melodies. Keep it original, get creative, be bold… and have fun!”

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