Attention: MPIDEA

Attention startups and investors: The MPIDEA-competition is a great opportunity!

Have you already sent your proposal to the MPIDEA-competition? Planning to? If not, you should.

By Jussi Seppälä, Hopiasepät

The winner of the competition gains an invaluable Main Prize: Half a year of intensive sparring by McKinsey, the number one consultancy in the world. That is a fast lane to success, a unique opportunity for you or your team. You could boost the growth of your business in McKinsey’s ReNew Growth strategic growth accelerator, with the help of top professionals of McKinsey. Of course, you need to win first, so get going!

You have until April 18 to send your proposal, which can be pretty much anything. An idea, innovation, product, application, no restricting conditions. There’s only one goal: whatever your idea, it should create productivity and jobs.

Is creating jobs a dilemma for you? You shouldn’t think so. If your idea is good and well implemented, it will offer employment at least for you and your team. If it’s great, it will offer jobs for many more. If it’s a unicorn, the employing effects may be immense, both directly and indirectly.

The overall goal is to create 100,000 new jobs to Finland, but that is not up to you to complete: you just need to have a smart, productive idea.

The winner will be rewarded in Tampere at May 30, by the Minister of Employment, Jari Lindström.

That already tells the story: This is serious competition. The jury includes (in addition to the presiding Minister) Ilona Lundström, the innovation director of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment; professor Yrjö Neuvo, an eminence of technological success; CEO Rasmus Roiha of the Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association; Mika Maliranta, research director of ETLA; Jorma Malinen, chairman of the Trade Union Pro and of course a partner from McKinsey, Jussi Hiltunen.So this is why also investors should wake up: If the startup you’re working with or planning to has

So this is why also investors should wake up: If the startup you’re working with or planning to has something smart to propose, encourage them to wake up! Participating is very easy indeed: go to and send your proposal.

MPD stands for Manufacturing Performance Days, the main official industry event of the Finland100 centenary celebration, taking place in Tampere 29.-31.5.2017

MPD is an international summit with the top Finnish and European industrial influencers in the stage and audience – hundreds of them. Startups are also participating with increasing numbers. So, those are the people who will applaud when you accept your Prize from the Minister, how about it?