SEC Filings Say Atomico has Secured €355 Million for Atomico III

    Private Equity news source Unquote dug into SEC filings to find that the Niklas Zennström-backed VC firm Atomico has secured €355 million for their new Atomico III fund, and are not seeking further funding. The previous SEC filing for this fund filed in October of 2012 showed the fund was hoping to raise €292 million, showing that they’ve done well with fundraising.

    The firm’s previous fund, Atomico II, raised €123 million and closed in March of 2010.

    Atomico has invested in a few companies in the region, most notably part of Helsinki-based Supercell’s €130 million Series C round in April. As we covered, Supercell sold a 51% stake to Softbank and Gungho for €1.5 billion in the middle of October, giving Atomico a quick return on investment.

    Also in the region, the company holds stock in Rovio and Klarna.

    Zennström will be speaking this week at Slush, so we’ll have to follow up with this article.