Asmo chargers raise 1.27 mln eur

ASMO Solutions, which makes premium chargers, raised 1.27 million euros in just a few days on Privanet’s Around platform.

ASMO is run by former head of Jolla, Marc Dillon, and it makes more fire safe premium chargers which do not use any electricity on standby. This patented feature makes the charger more fire safe than regular chargers are.

The firm raised $93,000 last year on Indiegogo from almost 1,500 backers around the world.

We’be been always fans of the ASMO Charger for doing what you’d expect a charger to do – charge your phone when you’re phone is plugged in, and not waste any energy when a phone isn’t connected. But the fact of the matter is that those USB chargers you have plugged into your wall do draw a slight amount of energy even without a phone plugged in. As a result, we’re burning through electricity just having something plugged into the wall.

Some competitors in the “eco charger” space try to solve the problem by putting a physical button on your wall charger, but that’s about as convenient as unplugging your charger, which people aren’t doing anyway. For another solution ASMO gets around this by using your phone’s battery to power open the relay and get some fresh juice into your phone, meaning the circuit is completely dead when your phone isn’t plugged in.