Artturi Tarjanne of Nexit Ventures: Finland Has Superior Technology Skills

nexit venturesLast week I talked to Artturi Tarjanne, a venture capitalist and a General Partner at Nexit Ventures in Helsinki, Finland.

You can find the first part of the interview here. In the second part (see video below) we discussed on what kind of companies Nexit is looking for and how you can approach Nexit if you’re a startup.

We touched on the quality of current and past deal flow in Finland. Tarjanne told me that even if we may lack in business skills vis-a-vis say the US, our technology skills are very strong even compared the Silicon Valley. This is the same message that for example Richard Allan Horning, a Principal at  Fish and Richardson, a very prominent law firm in Silicon Valley, echoed in Tallinn just last week when we met him.

We also talked about the current fund raising climate and I even got Artturi’s take on when we will get the lost IPO market back, if ever. Check it out below.