T-Fashion offers companies customized fashion analysis and trend forecasts so that its customers can produce and purchase the right fashion product at the right time. It analyzes millions of shares on social media, taking into account the specific target audience and brand DNA of the companies. It detects nearly a hundred features such as age, gender, location, clothing, style, color weights from each photograph it analyzes with artificial intelligence. In line with the data obtained, it offers its customers predictions such as what will be a trend in the next year, which products will be more interested in the target audience of the brand.

T-Fashion helps textile and fashion companies to produce the right product, at the right time, in the right amount, with the insights it offers for the target audience of companies. Thus, companies increase their sales rates while avoiding overstocked products.

One of the important factors that distinguish T-Fashion from its competitors is that they perform their analyzes on social media. T-Fashion uses the power of social media to help companies in the fashion industry avoid overstocked products and launch products that appeal to targeted end-users.

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