ArcticStartup’s Job board – Wednesday 9th of April

Wednesday is nearing it’s peak and the work week will be half way done. Speaking about work, it’s time to round up all the open jobs out there.

It’s good to keep it mind that it’s free to post a job, but if you would like to promote a position or plug into our social media, you should get in touch at [email protected]

The Helsinki area has this to offer at the moment:

  • Frosmo Ltd. is looking for a senior web application developer and an project manager assistant/trainee. Frosmo also has a regional sales manager position open from last week
  • Musopia is looking for both a digital marketing guru as well as a graphic designer for digital marketing assets.
  • MePIN is looking for a marketing hacker, a position which can be worked full time or part time, according to them, from wherever you are.
  • Applifier is on the look for an ad operations manager in.
  • Fourdeg has a few positions open in Espoo: Cloud Service SW Architect & Marketing and Sales Lead

If you don’t happen to live in Finland, there’s always job possibilities abroad:

  • CupoNation is hiring copywriter interns and interns for online marketing (SEO). Keep in mind these positions await you in Munich, Germany.
  • Tonsser is after a graphic designer intern located/willing to work in Copenhagen
  • Aarhus, Denmark-based Autouncle needs a country manager.
  • Stockholm-based TrueAccord needs a software engineer.

You can all the open positions here. Also, remember to spread the word, as who knows, you might help someone find their dream job!