ArcticStartup Searching For Interns

    Are you interested in startups so much you want to work at a startup about startups? ArcticStartup is looking for one or two interns who want to get their hands dirty and make awesome connections in the Nordic and Baltic startup ecosystem.

    We need more manpower on several fronts: news, events, research, and then help putting into action a few long-term ideas we have. On a more concrete level, this will mean help with interviewing and writing a few articles a week, planning and supporting events across the region, improving our startup database and reports, and some biz-dev tinkering.

    You don’t need to be based in Helsinki, but we are interested in crazy dreamers and decent writers from the Nordics and Baltics with the get stuff done attitude.

    In return we can promise you access to top entrepreneurs, lunch every now and then, good company in our Punavuori office (if you’re based in Helsinki), and trips around the region to support our presence and events.

    In the long run, we’re going places with ArcticStartup, and part of that means adding employees. An awesome intern will likely be on top of that list. Or if in the future you’re hoping to work with an up-and-coming startup, there’s no better way to make connections.

    We’re flexible with the amount of hours you can commit to ArcticStartup, but we should set some consistent expectations from both sides. To ask any questions, or to apply, send an email to editor (åt) telling us about yourself and what you think you can bring to the table.

    The bottom line is: We love our jobs, but we think we might be greedy hogging it all to ourselves. Let’s make things happen.