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ArcticStartup: Let's Talk About Media

Media is ubiquitous in our lives – news sites, blogs, video sites, publishing platforms, social media, television, radio, print. News readers, video players, photo-players, podcasts, magazines. You name it.

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Every year, there is an increasing number of new formats, new ways of displaying media and content, of finding and targeting users and of keeping you all entertained. Here at ArcticStartup, this is our goal on a day-to-day basis. What news should we publish, what stories do we want to display and how do we want to interact with you. Throughout this process, we have come to realize that we live in a world which is likely to be on the verge of a “media-overhaul”.

With the increasing amount of new technology and formats – media will simply not stay the same. Content will become more personalized, adapted to all of your devices with different screen-sizes and to your personal habits. News might not only be suggested for you based on your preferences, it might actually be automatically generated and written just for you and displayed on a site that is optimized for your day-flow.

The increasing amount of innovation in the media space, makes us not only want to be a part of the movement but to lead it. We are currently experimenting with both old formats, such as the CoFounder Print Magazine and new ones such as Videos, Podcasts & TV. We are also looking to re-design ArcticStartup from the ground-up and we are looking for new ways of delivering content and talking to all of our readers, followers, fans & partners.

As a part of that effort we are co-organizing the YLE Media Accelerator together with Helsinki Ventures and Catapult and are running the Reverse Pitching Event on the 17th of April in Helsinki. We want to reach out to the audiences out there, the startups and entrepreneurs working in the space and people with ideas. We want you to tell us what the next big thing in the media space will be.

Our application period for the YLE Media Accelerator was yesterday and the applicants are amazing, many of whom are truly pushing the boundaries of what media can do. That being said, we got a lot of people asking us about the Reverse Pitching event and how we can unite the two, so we listened and decided to extend the application period until the 17th of April. That means that you can come to Reverse Pitching, listen to how Aller, Alma Media, DNA and YLE are thinking about the future of media and apply to the accelerator program the same evening.

Because five companies will be already selected from the first batch of applicants, the competition will be tough. The program will be even tougher as we want you to really push what you can do to the limit, so that you can deliver a great product and results at the Arctic15 Demo Day.

So if you are interested in media, here is what you can do: register to the Reverse Pitching Event below, apply to the accelerator program, tell us what you think ArcticStartup should do in the future and do not miss out on the demo day during Arctic15. Good luck and good night.

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