ArcticStartup Has A Vision & Needs A Sales Junkie

    How do you create a company culture where people love to come to work? That is something we think about everyday and I think this is one of the most important factors that can lead to a success or failure of a company.

    That is why we spent a lot of time (years), figuring out our vision that will support it and are currently looking for people to help us make it a reality.

    Got a vision? For the longest time we were struggling to come up with one for ArcticStartup. Today, I want to share our thoughts about work in general and our new vision. To be frank, I would not use the word “work” at ArcticStartup, it somehow implies negativity and that is not what we want to associate the company with.

    When thinking about the vision, it was important to capture the essence of what the current team has between us: freedom, passion, fun, autonomy, responsibility, shared decision making and much more. What we do is not limited to just the office, it extends to whatsapping funny messages to each other on a Saturday, going to a self-made-techno-mokki-retreat-together but also to sending work-related thoughts and ideas on a Sunday. It feels like a healthy balance, where friends are trying to do something together and we want to keep that.

    Seriously, what percentage of your life do you honestly enjoy? Having done maybe close to 20 different things to earn money, basically stuff I called “work”, I found none that kept me happy for a long time (until ArcticStartup), even if they were my own ideas or businesses. That was actually a surprising revelation that even the things you think might get you motivated – often do not.

    Think about it, your working hours are on average 8.7 hours a day or 51% of your waking life. So why people do not find something they love and can relate to is beyond our understanding. That is why one of the biggest goals of ArcticStartup has been to create a workplace that every employee wants to go to in the morning when they wake up (whenever that is). Which is what our very first salesperson, Roma Barret once told me and it literally made my heart melt.

    Today, we have a vision, which is all about providing opportunities to people inside the company but also around it, while building communities. At ArcticStartup, we do not want to create a hierarchy that you spend 40 years trying to get to the top of. Instead, we want to create a system where anyone can follow their dreams and branch out their ideas, passions or perhaps find them from within the company. That is what we want to support everyone in.

    With that – we have come up with the following vision: “Helping to build communities with uncapped opportunities.”

    To execute that vision, we naturally need great people who can stand behind our goals, ideas & ambitions. Right now we have a rather large number of projects and ideas that are both within the Media & Events space, but also outside of it. To validate them and to grow – we need to create and nourish partnerships and for that – we need a person who can actively sell. So if you know anyone or would like to give it a try yourself – please simply fill out or ask them to fill out this form.

    The process is fast, simple and we think – fun. With the same form, you can apply to become an intern or join us in any other capacity too.

    You do not have to have all of your experience coming from a sales background – in fact Romain, our record holder, was a kindergarten teacher before this. All we care about is your passion for people, your ability to learn quickly, intelligence and a lot of ambition to achieve something great. We will help you along the way.

    Experienced salespeople are warmly welcome too, of course. Having done door-to-door sales, real-estate sales and retail sales – seeing a good salesperson always warms my heart and we appreciate the skills dearly.

    Warning, this job contains an unsafe amount of fun, plenty to do and opportunities to travel to both neighbouring and not-so-neighbouring countries. Most importantly – it is what you make of it and can later transition to anything you will find within the company that you can help us with the most. Complete with brand-new business lines, new projects and more.

    Apply here – And If you have any questions, drop us an e-mail to info (a)

    You will be working alongside with:

    Maija Kopola – The one who makes a joke 10 seconds after walking into the office. Often (“always”) the dirty one.

    Jan Ameri – The sweetest Finnish Teddy bear, but has claws. (Even has a costume: Proof.)

    Romain Baret – French.

    Xenia Chimacovscaia – You would not guess it, but is a party animal with the energy of a thousand suns. (Except Mondays. Really – just let her sleep on Monday.)

    Joppe Quaedvlieg – Lil Kleine & Ronnie Flex – Drank en drugs. Makes great sandwiches.

    Dmitri Sarle Special skill: To create 27 hours in a 24 hours day. Ultimate: Can do the robot dance after a few beers. Has a very expensive gaming chair.

    Occasionally you will bump into:

    Tarmo Virki – An Estonian who lived in Finland and wrote a book about it. Also runs CoFounder.

    Marija Odineca – Our sweetest reporter from the Baltics.

    Janina Salo – Strict corporate master, but still laughs at Maija’s jokes.

    What we offer for the Sales Position:

    For the one that can you sell ice in Finland, or an Apple Watch to an Android fanboy, we are offering a salary with bonuses, an opportunity to travel to events within and outside of the Nordic/Baltic region, fun working environment and an unlimited opportunity for growth.

    On our behalf we promise a fun working environment (sometimes too fun), plenty of potential for growth in expected and unexpected directions, an ability to start your own projects and to work with us on shaping the future of the company and the rest of the world.

    For more information on the future of the company – stay tuned. We are preparing a post with some insight into what we have been up-to, detailed information on the recent changes and future plans. If you want to find out more about the company or want to get involved as a volunteer/intern/brand ambassador – e-mail us at [email protected] or apply here. Can’t wait to meet our new friends and work-family members.