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This is an exciting week for the Nordic startup scene: each country has seen a boom in startup activity during the recent months, so we have decided to organize a road trip together with AaltoVG, in an effort to bring the community closer.

The idea is to meet with the actors of each country, find new and interesting startup  stories, potential partners, and friends!

Friay 27th – Finland

We’ll kickstart the tour with the Summer of Startups Demo Day. The event will mark the end of the two month program, with demos from the 10 selected teams, who will compete to win a paid trip to Silicon Valley.  The entrepreneurship societies from Helsinki insisted that this would be their biggest event yet, so be sure to attend! For those who can’t make it, ArcticStartup will provide full coverage of the event as well as a live video feed.

Friday-Sunday 29th – Tartu, Estonia

Right after Demo Day, we’re off to Estonia for Garage48 in Tartu! The event will gather most of the Estonian startup scene, with 100 hackers, designers, business guys and project managers teaming up to create a new startup in 48 hours!

We think this is a great initiative, both to encourage newcommers to join startups, and to build the community. You can find the startups birthed during the first Garage48 event here.

Sunday 29th – Riga, Latvia

Fresh from 48h of non-stop hacking, we’ll head to Riga. There have been no ArcticEvenings there, but we would love to meet Latvian startups and enthusiasts during the Sunday evening! If you’d like to pitch your next great startup, hold a panel together and talk about the local startup scene, please do get in contact in the comments.

Mon 30th – Vilnius, Lithuania

Our last stop will be Vilnius. The country has seen a lot of really great startup activity recently, so we will hold a similar meetup evening to the day before. I know there is a thriving community in Kaunas, and I hope you will be able to join us as well.

If you’d like to meet us and/or help with the evenings, please leave a comment! We’re looking forward to meeting you guys.

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