ArcticIndex To Make The Community Tick

    ArcticIndexThere are roughly 350 startups and 200 individuals already listed in ArcticIndex. This is becoming an increasingly important destination and a resource for anyone looking for information on any startup that comes from the Northern Europe.

    We have heard of cases where an investors have heard about a startup and subsequently contacted them (and sometimes even invested) when they have been able to look up a name from the ArcticIndex. Same goes for the media. We break stories on many new startups that the big media then picks up and writes about. Yes, you guessed it: ArcticIndex is where they go check out the facts on those startups.

    If you have a startup and have not listed yours yet, do it now. And if you have yours listed, do update your information! Why? Because this is the information that gets printed and looked at as a fact. So if you have had subsequent financing rounds, new key employees, product releases, do yourself a favor and write it in the ArcticIndex, since this is what the readers, investors and the media will judge your startup by. This is also where we pick up new startups to write about.


    Needless to say, same goes for the investors. It’s not very easy to find investors in the region no matter how great a startup one has. So a natural destination for startups is to check out ArcticIndex for investors to contact. Whether you are a business angel, a seed fund or a full blown VC fund, do list yourself in the ArcticIndex.


    If you’re a founder or have an amazing idea, but need a co-founder or a new member for your team, you can list your new born startup into the Index and add a new job posting to find that key talent for you startup. For those who are looking for a great team to join in, you can browse the current job postings here.


    See what’s happening in the scene, find the best events and list yours to get a house full of eager entrepreneur minded people for your event.

    Yes, you can create a Facebook event or try to advertise your job listing somewhere else, but to put things in perspective you get every month close to 20,000 people who are interested in entrepreneurship browse through your events, job postings and checking out your startup profile since we pull the information to the ArcticStartup landing page. Not only that, it’s also 100% free to list your company, job postings and events in ArcticIndex.

    What’s to come?

    A lot more is coming as we want to build the Index to serve your needs better. Now you have the opportunity to let us know what you’d like to see to be build here. Take a few moments and let us know what’s not working for you or for your startup at the moment? What’s missing? What kind of tool would you just love to have to make your startup more successful or to find that ideal co-founder? Either let us know in the comments or email us at [email protected] We have build it for you, so it only makes sense that you can have a say which way you’d like to see it develop.

    We really want to see this community come together and start making this place happen. ArcticIndex is exactly to make it all just a little easier.