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ArcticIndexArcticIndex, the best resource for finding out information regarding nordic and Baltic startups, has been redesigned and launched with new features. Thanks to our great development partner, Kisko Labs who have done a magnificent job with the rapid and flexible iterative development.

ArcticIndex, for those who are not yet familiar with the service, is a one stop shop for your information needs regarding Nordic and Baltic startups. We have close to 200 companies in the service and over 100 people affiliated with startups. The service is a community effort in building a coherent and wide information resource for everyone of us in the startup community and we’re growing strong!

We have now redesigned the website and made it slightly different in branding compared to ArcticStartup. There’s no point in confusing people with the two websites. Furthermore, the redesign has come in handy adding some usability fixes to the service.

One of the biggest new features in the release is the addition of our free job board or a recruiting service. This is the first release and we’ll be adding features to it as we go on. However, it already works fine and we’ll be promoting companies looking for talent in the job board on ArcticStartup on a regular basis. Make sure you enter your recruitment needs there – we’ll do some free promotion on it in the near future.

We’ll also be adding a smaller development blog to ArcticIndex to enable dialogue with the startup community to create the kind of service the community wants. We’ll let you know when the blog is live – shouldn’t take too many days though.

As always, we’re more than glad to hear your comments on these improvements and don’t hesitate to share any ideas you might have with the service. We’re developing this to make the startup community in whole function better – so you’re part of the team that we want to listen to.

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