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As you may have noticed by now, we are touring the Arctic region with our series of events – ArcticEvenings. They are getting everyone ready for our main event – Arctic15:Exit Path, taking place in the end of May in Helsinki (You can get Early Bird Tickets until the 28th of April). For each country, we have a slightly different schedule and agenda and boy are we excited about Riga.

First of all, we are really impressed by the recent quality of startups there, growth in the amount of investments, co-working spaces & the local conference – Tech Chill Baltics.

To celebrate all of that, we are going to buy a lot of beer, invite every active Riga startup scene member and enjoy the evening on the 30th of April. You can register yourself here, completely for free.

For the official part of the event, there will be a speech on “Choosing what to build as a founder and patterns of successful founders” by Fadi Bishara, the founder of a well known Silicon Valley based accelerator – BlackBox which helps non-U.S. startups enter the US market.

Then ArcticStartup’s, Dmitri Sarle will give a talk on “Hacking Conferences and Getting the Most out of Events”. Trust us when we say that there is a lot you can improve in order to get the most out of events, here is but a small teaser. If you have any event tips of your own, feel free to send them to editor (a) arcticstartup.com. The best ones will be included in the presentation.

Finally we will listen to some of the best startups in Riga as they pitch to Fadi Bishara, following which we will have plenty of time for drinks and networking.

This is all made possible by the people at the newly founded co-working space The Mill, TechHub Riga and The Meetup, who have organized Fadi Bishara’s visit and pitching. Oh and of course the beer, which is courtesy of Nokia.

During The Day – Android Developers

This is important, if you are or know an android developer in Riga. We have a treat for them: brand new revenue stream and a surprise from Nokia.

During the day, we will host a Nokia X Android portathon, where developers will be able to port their existing Android apps and get published on the Nokia Store right there and then. 

It basically means that with minimal effort a new income stream can be created inside a day. Not a bad opportunity to take hold of, and again, like the ArcticEvening, it’s completely free.

To apply, for the portathon – fill out this form.

We look forward to seeing you all in Riga and at Arctic15:Exit Path. You can register to the ArcticEvening directly below too:

Image courtesy of Shutterstock // Riga

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