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It’s only a few days before we have our event in Tampere and we’ve made available a small batch of extra tickets and will share the program in this post as well. In short, the event will roll around the theme of angel investing. We’ll be having three companies pitch in the event and afterwards have a panel discussion with three angel investors on their personal investment philosophy, what they’re looking for in a startup and in general their experiences in angel investing. Lots of interesting stories to be told for sure!


Below is the program for the evening. We preserve the right to change it slightly, but most probably this is what we’ll go with. Below are also mentioned the companies and speakers for the event.

17.00 Doors open
17.15 Introductions
17.30 Startup pitches
18.15 Panel discussion on angel investing
18.50 More networking
20.00 End of event

Companies pitching and speakers on the panel

We’ll have three companies on stage in Tampere. The companies in random (no point in putting them in alphabetical order) are StarEyes, Starduck Studios and Steam Republic. We won’t go into detail what the companies do as it’s best to leave it for Thursday to let them explain it themselves. So do come and see how they present themselves.

Also on stage we’ll have three panelists with a wide variety of experiences in angel investing. In alphabetical order, they are Arto Lehtonen, Olli Pasanen and Taneli Tikka.

Arto Lehtonen is currently the head of product strategy at Tanla Solutions. Before, he sold his company Openbit Ltd to Tanla Solutions in 2008. Together with his team, he had grown Openbit in annual revenues from 100 000 euros to 25 million.

Olli Pasanen is currently the managind director of Planum, a managing consulting company helping small and medium-sized companies. Before, he has worked in a variety of positions from being a product manager in Nokia to the CEO of Ionific.

Taneli Tikka is currently working on a variety of issues through board memberships. He has built his experience in the Finnish internet scene and is perhaps most well known for selling IRC-Gallery to Sulake. While being an angel investor, he is also one of the most well known speakers in support of the Finnish growth entrepreneurship scene.

With such experience, ArcticEvening Tampere will be one very interesting event not to miss. We’ll also have a small slot at the end of the panel discussion to allow audiences to ask their questions from the panelists. If you haven’t registered your ticket yet, do so by using the app below. There are only 20 additional tickets available.

Tickets – a few more for late comers


The event has been made possible by our Sponsor, so we strongly encourage you to get acquainted with them.

Hermia Ltd. & New Factory / IBP
International Business Program is a Finnish nation-wide program offering help to startups get off the ground and internationalise. The project consists of 3 stages: Internationalization Clinics, Internationalization Camps and Go-To-Market-package. Hermia is one of the five project cooperators. The Project is coordinated by Culminatum Innovation Ltd.

Hermia Ltd is a leading Finnish innovation company in the fields of ICT and mechanical engineering and a major networker in the energy industry. The company coordinates and implements development programs and projects in cooperation with companies, universities and research institutions and builds networks of expertise. Hermia is responsible for the coordination of the Tampere Region Centre of Expertise Programme and for the implementation of Centres of Expertise in five fields in 2007 – 2013.

New Factory is a community that is open to all actors and lines of business and that creates a significant amount of new business, open job positions and international growth company know-how. Hermia Ltd is in charge of the machinery and operations of Factory.

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