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We’ve made some more progress with the setup of the ArcticEvening Tallinn, including some really attractive prices for getting to and staying there for the event. First of all, we will open ticket registrations for the event on the 25th of May. Mark it down in your calendar. The ticket registrations will open at 8am Tallinn time (GMT+3).

Secondly, we have received some very attractive prices for people coming in to Tallinn from else where. Use the code STARTUP when registering your room at Reval Hotel Olümpia and you’ll be able to book a room for 65 euros (and it fits two people, price is same). As we’ll be having the ArcticEvening in Bonnie and Clyde, the nightclub of the hotel, you won’t have to walk far to get back to your hotel room. The promotional code is valid if you book by e-mail or call them at +372 6690 690

Secondly, I just checked the prices for ferry tickets from Helsinki to Tallinn and they are a mere 59 euros for a return ticket with TallinkSilja. These are regular prices so if you’re coming over in a bigger group it might make sense to contact their sales.

Thirdly, please sign up for the 1-minute pitches with this form (deadline this Friday – 21st of May). You’ll have great chances to promote your company to the Tallinn startup community, but also to the larger community on ArcticStartup as we’ll be listing the companies online later on (you can opt out too, if you don’t want to be promoted on ArcticStartup).