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We’re back with organising ArcticEvenings! This year we’ll do altogether six ArcticEvenings and our annual Arctic15 conference (more on the other events soon). We will kick off our events this year with ArcticEvening Tallinn on Thursday, the 1st of March. Our theme for the event is startup metrics. We also have a really good speaker coming to present his view on startup metrics – William Wolfram of DealDash. We recently interviewed him on Unfair Advantage about the metrics they use in DealDash. Back then he said they are obsessed with metrics and data. I’m sure there will be more interesting things to hear and ask William on stage.

Like always, the event will be free to attendees and we will start the event at 6pm. For more details on the event and tickets please head over to the event website.

In the next few weeks we will be coming out with the rest of the events and their dates as well as more information on Arctic15.

For more information on ArcticEvening Tallinn – click here.