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ArcticEvening Stockholm 05.05 – Bringing the Swedes some Finnish affection

The Arctic15 bus just doesn’t stop rolling. Well it doesn’t have to because it’s purely metaphorical.. What isn’t metaphorical is our supremely awesome editor-in-chief Greg Anderson who will be leading proceedings at our ArcticEvening in Stockholm on the 5th May. He’ll be there in person to show off just how real he is by speaking, although we would ask you to refrain from poking him throughout the evening just to make sure. He doesn’t like that sort of thing.

We’re partnering with SUP46 who are kindly providing us with the use of their co-working space and Microsoft, our main sponsor for Arctic15.

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Along with the talk that Greg has prepared on ‘How to pitch to Startup Media’ we’ll providing lots of beer and snacks to help grease the networking gears and keep the evening fun.

Come along to SUP46’s co-working space at Regeringsgatan 29 in Stockholm at 18.30 to join the fun. Register for the evening here.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock // Stockholm

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