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ArcticEvening Stockholm is just around the corner! We have a very good lineup for Stockholm in order and honestly speaking, I hope we could have this panel in Tallinn and Helsinki as well.

Our theme for Stockholm will be Venture Capital and its state in the Nordics and Baltics.

Part of the questions will be provided by the moderator, but this time we’ll try something new as well. Since we have the top venture capital companies of the region in our panel – we want to open up the possibility for the community to ask your questions as well. Therefore, do leave your questions in the comments of this post and we’ll pick the best and most suitable ones.

If you haven’t been to ArcticEvenings before, you should take a look at this video. ArcticEvenings are events organised by ArcticStartup to gather the local community together to talk about startups and the scene in general. With this, we try to catalyse the community to create more positive issues for the whole startup scene. Furthermore, it gives us a great chance to talk with entrepreneurs and cover some of the new ideas that are coming out from the local scene.


The venue for ArcticEvening Stockholm will be our traditional place of tricks, Obaren at Stureplan 2. We’ll open doors at 6pm, so try to be there as soon as possible so we’ll have as much time for the panelists as possible. We have the place booked for ourselves until 10pm.

Program and Panelists

Our program for the evening will roll around our panel on venture capital. It will be one of the best we’ve had, so we really want to give it as much attention as possible. Why are we so excited? We’ve managed to secure three speakers, one from each of the top venture capital companies in the region to come to our panel. The speakers are from Ambient Sound Investments (Estonia), Nexit Ventures (Finland) and Creandum (Sweden).

  • Kristjan Laanemaa – Ambient Sound Investments. As a portfolio manager Kristjan manages ASI’s portfolio companies and also participates in the screening process for new investments. His main strengths are financial management and analysis. Prior to joining ASI, Kristjan worked in the field of private equity investment management and earlier as a corporate finance analyst in investment banking.
  • Michael Mandahl – Nexit Ventures. He joined Nexit as Venture Partner in June 2005. He is an experienced ICT entrepreneur and venture capital investor who has overseen the founding, internationalization and successful investor exits of numerous ICT companies during the last two decades. Mr. Mandahl has a strong background in M&A activity and the creation of partner networks for international technology companies.
  • Daniel Blomquist – Creandum. Prior to joining Creandum, Daniel was Vice President Marketing at Ascade and was part of developing the company from a small consultancy firm to an international software company. He has also worked for Volvo IT in Great Britain and Gulf Agency Company in Dubai.


Tickets for our events have been free – we have no intention of changing this, so please register free of charge using the application below. Mind you, the event has been made available, free of charge, by our wonderful Sponsors. Do take a minute to get acquainted with them.

Online Event Registration with amiando


Our sponsors have made the event available free of charge for our guests, so please do take a minute to get familiar with these companies.

Nexit Ventures
Nexit Ventures is a mobile venture capital firm focused on wireless technologies and services. Leveraging its extensive network in the global mobile marketplace, Nexit invests primarily in Nordic and US-based earlystage companies with products and services for a global market. For Nordic mobile companies, Nexit provides a bridge to Silicon Valley markets and exit opportunities.

Nexit has helped several companies in either direction of its bridge, and has subsequently realized several successful exits of its portfolio companies in United States, the worldís leading M&A market for technology ventures. Nexit has offices in Helsinki, Stockholm and Silicon Valley.

What does Signom do? The name and the slogan on their website gives a nod towards the right direction: Signing power. It’s a company aimed at solving the age old problem of agreeing on contracts when there’s geographical distance between the parties. In other words, its taking out the hassle to create legally valid agreements in today’s mobile world.

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