ArcticEvening Helsinki, held October 27th!

As promised last week, we have opened up ticket sales for our Helsinki event. Please find the sign-up form below for registering to the event. Also, please remember that if you are unable to make it to the event, please don’t sign up. We have a limited amount of seats available and would like to get everyone on board.


The venue for our Helsinki event will be the place where all the ArcticEvenings started – Bar Dubrovnik and more specifically Dubrovnik Lounge and Lobby at Eerikinkatu 11. Once you get to the venue, head towards the right hand side and down the stairs. You’ll find us there.

The show will kick off at 6pm on 27th of October.

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The main focus at the event will be on our magnificent panel discussion with software industry growth companies. The panelists are:

  • Mikko Kaarela, Technopolis Ventures Technoplis Ventures is one of the key players in the Finnish startup ecosystem and over the years they have accrued a lot of knowledge of different growth businesses – software included.
  • Ari-Pekka Salovaara, CEO, Severa Severa is one of those companies that many would pass on. They sell service automation software. Dull subject, right? On the contrary, Severa is one of the finest players in its field – this shows in both customer satisfaction as well as on the balance sheets. In 2008 their income statement showed revenue of 1 544 k€ while 3 years earlier it was about one tenth of it. See our coverage on Severa.
  • Michael Falck, CFO, Relex Oy Relex is a software company providing solutions to companies’ logistical challenges. In essence, they help their clients manage their material flows better. They have four means of helping their customers; 1) increased service levels and shelf availability, 2) lowered inventory, 3) reduced handling and transportation costs and 4)improved forecast acuracy. With these improvements in place they are able to increase their customers’ revenue by 3% to 5%. This shows in their revenue as well – in 2008 year end their revenue was over 600k€ compared to 26k€ just three years earlier. See our coverage on Relex.


Our event is made possible by our Sponsors and because of them, we’re able to provide the tickets free of charge. Do take time to get to know them – they are one of the most interesting organisations in the industry. We hand pick our sponsors to bring value to the evenings – these guys are truly worth your time.

Microsoft BizSpark

BizSpark is a program which offers new software businesses and entrepreneurs access to Microsoft design, development, and production tools with no upfront costs for up to three years. Members can also connect with a nationwide community of Network Partners – investors, incubators, service providers, and entrepreneurial organizations – who are keen to help.


Protomo logoProtomo is a Finnish initiative from Tampere. The initiative is to master better strctural change between industries where innovative people are left without work. Protomo network enables these people to get together and start new ventures and in the process employ themselves as entrepreneurs.

Hammarström Puhakka Partners

Hammarström Puhakka PartnersHammarström Puhakka Partners, Attorneys Ltd is a law firm specialised in business law. The firm has a good corporate practice with experienced M&A advisers acting constantly for domestic and cross-border clients. Specialists provide M&A services to public and private companies relating to assignments concerning private equity and venture capital transactions. The firm is constantly involved with complex transactions in connection with private equity firms and experienced in advising private equity/venture capital investors in divesting their investments.


YritysHelsinkiYritysHelsinki is a city owned initiative in Helsinki with a mission to enable better entrepreneurship through advice. Their track record is strong as they have been able to improve survival rates of companies passing through them many fold compared to those who haven’t received the advice. YritysHelsinki has now taken their regular advice service to growth companies and are advising growth companies with the successful structure they have in place for other companies.

If interested, call YritysHelsinki and ask for more information on their new program Kiihdytyspiste.


Vera VentureVeraventure Ltd is a public venture capital company making investments in innovative Finnish enterprises at their early stages. Veraventure is fully owned by its parent company Finnvera Plc.


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