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ArcticEvening Helsinki, held October 27th!
Thank you everyone who made it to ArcticEvening Helsinki last night. The evening was a great success and a special thank you for that goes out to the panelists David O’Weger who covered for Ari-Pekka Salovaara from Severa, Michael Falck from Relex as well as Mikko Kaarela from Technopolis Ventures as well as our sponsors for making the event possible in the first place.

The evening was started by a little introduction to the BizSpark program by Kim Nielsen, who oversees 14 countries and their development regarding the program itself. We continued directly to the panel, which I have to add, from the moderator’s point of view was a very nice experience with a lot of practical information from Relex and Severa.

Relex summarised that their success is partly accidental, although a result of very hard work. Relex for example consisted of Ph.D’s working in the logistics industry and they had to found the company to be able to send invoices regarding their consultation work. After that another company came to them to ask for a software solution regarding the work they do and only then did they decide to start working on the product that has made them successful these days.

Severa has seen a lot of success regarding their SaaS-model offering from the creative industries that can be thought to be relatively advanced regarding online tools such as Severa’s. Furthermore, David O’Weger also mentioned that one source of success has been their business model. Each company gets one user for free and others pay less than $30 US for the additional users of the service.

Through the discussion, both companies as well as the experience of Technopolis Ventures stated that sales must be taken very seriously to grow the company. Companies need to do a lot of different kind of marketing activities as well as go out there and meet potential clients. There’s no simple way to grow, but developing your service for the needs of the customers is the best way to get them to dig into their pockets and pay for your solution. Both Severa and Relex emphasized that working closely with clients was one of their reasons for success – they were able to target the challenges and headaches the clients had with better accuracy.

Once more, thank you all for making the night a success it was and stay tuned for our other events. We’ll be soon releasing information on the events we’ll be hosting later this year. But before you click on, do have a read and visit our partners and sponsors who made the event possible. They are doing some groundbreaking stuff in the startup scene so this isn’t your traditional advertising spot.

Microsoft BizSpark

BizSpark is a program which offers new software businesses and entrepreneurs access to Microsoft design, development, and production tools with no upfront costs for up to three years. Members can also connect with a nationwide community of Network Partners – investors, incubators, service providers, and entrepreneurial organizations – who are keen to help.


Protomo logoProtomo is an open innovation community of free professionals, colloborating corporations and start-ups in Finland. Protomo provides an agile development process, tools, facilities and a multi-disciplinary community to support innovative product and service development and market entry. Protomo is currently operating in Tampere and Jyväskylä and will be soon kicked off in Helsinki, Salo and Oulu. See www.protomo.fi.

Hammarström Puhakka Partners

Hammarström Puhakka PartnersHammarström Puhakka Partners, Attorneys Ltd is a law firm specialised in business law. The firm has a good corporate practice with experienced M&A advisers acting constantly for domestic and cross-border clients. Specialists provide M&A services to public and private companies relating to assignments concerning private equity and venture capital transactions. The firm is constantly involved with complex transactions in connection with private equity firms and experienced in advising private equity/venture capital investors in divesting their investments.


YritysHelsinkiYritysHelsinki is a city owned initiative in Helsinki with a mission to enable better entrepreneurship through advice. Their track record is strong as they have been able to improve survival rates of companies passing through them many fold compared to those who haven’t received the advice. YritysHelsinki has now taken their regular advice service to growth companies and are advising growth companies with the successful structure they have in place for other companies.

If interested, call YritysHelsinki and ask for more information on their new program Kiihdytyspiste.


Vera VentureVeraventure Ltd is a public venture capital company making investments in innovative Finnish enterprises at their early stages. Veraventure is fully owned by its parent company Finnvera Plc.


Amiando is the worldwide software-as-a-service platform for event management and ticketing. Thei platform serves over 70.000 events worldwide with innovative products like amiando Eventsites, amiando ViralTickets, amiando EasyEntry or amiando EventSense®.

Amiando is the official online registration partner for ArcticEvening events.