ArcticEveningLast night’s ArcticEvening was yet again another success – thanks to everyone who made it that! We had about 100 people in the room, which is so far the largest participation in Finland (in Tallinn we had closer to 150).

We’d especially like to thank our great panelists Jussi Harvela, Jouko Kiesi and Artturi Tarjanne – who shared their insights from financing startups to finding financing for startups. We had great stories from CIA preventing some financing activities in the late 80s as well as Artturi sharing some interesting tips how the VCs look at startups.

We also had a chat with Ville, Miikka and Karri about thinking of moving the event next time to a larger place to suit more participants. We’d like to open up this to you, who made it to the event to share your points of view – was it too crowded or just the right atmosphere for this sort of an event?

On a side note in the other room, another Arctic initiative was taking place. Kari Poppis Suomela, an extremely experienced explorer was sharing some of his advice how he has conqured many parts of the world we only see pictures about. For example, he was the 12th person in the world to both conquer the north AND south pole – how about that? If you want to learn more about Kari and his expeditions, buy his book Pohjoisnapa and learn how your physical capabilities are put to the extremes. He also does a lot of talks about personal motivation under difficult conditions so it might be worthwhile to get him to speak at your event next time. Contact him here if you’re interested.

Last, but definitely not least – we’d like to thank our three magnificent sponsors who made the event possible: Hammarström Puhakka Partners, Sombiz and Veraventure – you guys rock!

Photo by Asmo Halinen (cheers :))