ArcticEvening Event In Tallinn Estonia – Sold Out!

    arcticeveningWe are excited to have our 4th ArcticEvening today in Tallinn, Estonia. The tickets flew off the shelf, but to maintain the unique and cozy atmosphere and make sure everyone feels at home we limited the tickets to 150.

    I am equally excited to announce the four startups that will be pitching at the event. In no particular order, here goes:

    Snoobiis a Finnish born innovative software services company specializing in Online Business Intelligence (OBI). We are snoobicommitted to provide our clients with tools that help improve business in marketing and sales, as well as help with functions that regard decision-making and  planning stages.. Snoobi was the fastest growing young technology company in Finland (Deloitte Fast 50 study, Nov 2008)

    Scred – is a Finnish company building tools and services to help friends, groups and communities manage their picture-43money. Scred will be demostrating their new service, MiniCorps, first time in real life as the new service is so new it’s just out of the oven.  You can read our latest review of Scred’s latest product release here.

    Nutiteq – is an Estonian mobile Java development company specializing to mobile location-based services and nutiteqapplications. You can find our previous coverage of Nutiteq here. That’s not all though, as the team at Nutiteq is pitching for a brand new product concept, which they have not releaved to wider public ever before.

    Edicy – is an Estonian startup that provides an easy-to-use tool to create a website in a few minutes from start to finish. There are tens of designs to choose from and a website can be up and edicyrunning in fifteen minutes. You can see our interview with Edicy at LeWeb here.


    Sten Tamkivi, Chief Evangelist, Skype

    et_sten_tamkiviSten Tamkivi is Skype’s Chief Evangelist, building relationships with engineering communities, media, governments and academia around the world. Based in Tallinn, he also looks after Skype Estonia, our largest office globally as local General Manager.

    Allan Martinson, Managing Partner, MTVP

    allan_martinson Allan Martinson is currently the Managing Partner at MTVP. During his career as an entrepreneur, Martinson has been launching, managing and exiting several companies in the Baltic TMT sector, all of which became leaders in their respective industries.

    Taneli Tikka, CEO, RunToShop

    taneli_tikkaTaneli Tikka, a serial entrepreneur and dealmaker, has an active history of startup life. Taneli has been an entrepreneur since 1999 and has headed multiple companies including; (Sulake Dynamoid), RunToShop, Magenta, MobileCRM, and Taika Technologies.



    sombizSombiz is a Social Media Business Network of Finnish social media & Web 2.0 companies, research institutions, and other organisations and individuals operating in the field of social media.

    Sombiz provides a network for organisations to collaborate, learn from each other, and create partnerships. By connecting business with research Sombiz is stimulating the creation of new innovations. The ultimate goal for Sombiz is to find new business opportunities and help companies to grow and go international.

    Sombiz operates as a thematic network of the Finnish Digibusiness Cluster and is a part of the government funded Centre of Expertise Programme (OSKE). In 2008 the building of the Sombiz network was selected as the national “OSKE Top Project”. The project is funded by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

    The background organisation of Sombiz is Technology Centre Hermia Ltd.

    Sombiz is a Finnish-based network operating internationally. The strategy of Sombiz is a “BUGC” approach: linking Business, Universities, Government, and Communities in order to build and boost the social media business ecosystem.

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