ArcticEvening Copenhagen will be organised in exactly two days time! We’re going to have an awesome event at the Nokia Campus. Tommy Ahlers from Podio will be present to talk how they got acquired by Citrix and how the agreement was reached behind closed doors. In addition to Tommy, we’ll have Kristel Verhasselt of X.commerce share examples of how they have helped entrepreneurs capitalise e-commerce online.

We’re going to have some free drinks and snacks available, courtesy of Nokia. All you need to do is sign-up through the form below and secure your free ticket to the event to network, but also learn new things. Doors will open 6pm on Thursday the 31st.

All those who show up to the event will also have a chance to win one of the four free tickets to Arctic15, the two day conference we’re putting together that includes attendance to the exclusive first day entrepreneur-investor networking day.

More information on the event can be seen at the official event page.


Please take a minute to thank our sponsor with your time. They make the events possible and keep it free for participants. If you’d like to sponsor our event, feel free to contact

Amazon Web Services
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Microsoft Bizspark, Denmark
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Nokia is our venue & drinks partner at the event. They were kind enough to let us use their auditorium for the event as well as bring some drinks and snacks for our audience.

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