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ArcticEvening Copenhagen was organised last night at the to-be-emptied Nokia premises just out of the centre of Copenhagen. The evening was full of interesting discussions and presenters included Kristel Verhasselt of Magento as well as Jussi Koskinen of PayPal. Our main event was a fireside chat with Tommy Ahlers who made my job as an interviewer extremely easy, sharing a lot of advice to the audience with just a few questions.

As said, the event was held at the Nokia Campus premises, a place that will be emptied by the end of June. The space looked eerily empty already, but its future isn’t as bad as one might think. In September, a university will be taking over the facilities and in doing so Nokia is also donating millions of DKK worth of gear to the university.

The sad part of this equation is that Nokia is having to let go of some 1000 people in the process. More than 500 of these have found new jobs and over 200 of them have started some 40 or so companies and therefore only 20% of the people are looking for work at the moment.

Ahlers had a lot of good to say about Denmark, a somewhat comparable example of any other Nordic or Baltic country to be honest. By international standards, Denmark is small, speaks an equally funny language as do the other Nordic and Baltic countries and in itself is a small domestic market.

Regardless of this Denmark has been able to produce lots of high growth startups in the recent years of which Podio’s path was studied in detail last month all the way up its acquisition by Citrix. Some other examples were talked that included Tradeshift and Zendesk, both going strong outside of the country’s borders.

Perhaps the most gratifying part of the evening was in the discussions people had amongst themselves. One group of gents that made an impression on me were trying to improve the startup and entrepreneurial situation in Africa and more specifically Uganda. While they may still not be as far as Northern Europe in supporting entrepreneurship I’m sure we will see lots of great innovations and ventures coming out from that part of the world.

All in all – ArcticEvening Copenhagen was a great experience and for that I also want to thank our sponsors Amazon Web Services, Paypal, Microsoft Bizspark, Nokia (for the venue and drinks!) as well as Elance. More below on each partner.


Please take a minute to thank our sponsor with your time. They make the events possible and keep it free for participants. If you’d like to sponsor our events in the future, feel free to contact sales@arcticstartup.com.

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Microsoft Bizspark, Denmark
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Nokia is our venue & drinks partner at the event. They were kind enough to let us use their auditorium for the event as well as bring some drinks and snacks for our audience.

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