ArcticEvening Events Going Strong

    Here’s some sights, sounds and sentiments from ArcticEvening that was held this Tuesday in Dubrovnik, Helsinki. As Antti wrote, the event was a real success. The next one is going to take place in Stockholm, Sweden on the 2nd April. Hope to see a lot of people coming together across the Nordics and Baltics to meet the Swedish startup scene. I can reveal that the event’s topic will revolve around the future of mobile and startups. More on that later. Thanks again for showing up this Tuesday. We love you people.

    ArcticEvening – 3rd March 2009 from CityVice on Vimeo.

    Also, write to us at sales[at] if you’d be interested in Sponsorship opportunities for the ArcticEvenings. Thanks!


    Our event is made available by our Sponsors. Do take time to get to know them – they are one of the most interesting organisations in the industry. We hand pick our sponsors to bring value to the evenings – these guys are truly worth your time.


    sombizSombiz is a Social Media Business Network of Finnish social media & Web 2.0 companies, research institutions, and other organisations and individuals operating in the field of social media.

    Sombiz provides a network for organisations to collaborate, learn from each other, and create partnerships. By connecting business with research Sombiz is stimulating the creation of new innovations. The ultimate goal for Sombiz is to find new business opportunities and help companies to grow and go international.

    Sombiz operates as a thematic network of the Finnish Digibusiness Cluster and is a part of the government funded Centre of Expertise Programme (OSKE). In 2008 the building of the Sombiz network was selected as the national “OSKE Top Project”. The project is funded by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

    Hammarström Puhakka Partners

    Hammarström Puhakka PartnersHammarström Puhakka Partners, Attorneys Ltd is a law firm specialised in business law. The firm has a good corporate practice with experienced M&A advisers acting constantly for domestic and cross-border clients. Specialists provide M&A services to public and private companies relating to assignments concerning private equity and venture capital transactions. The firm is constantly involved with complex transactions in connection with private equity firms and experienced in advising private equity/venture capital investors in divesting their investments.

    Vera Venture

    Vera VentureVeraventure Ltd is a public venture capital company making investments in innovative Finnish enterprises at their early stages. Veraventure is fully owned by its parent company Finnvera Plc.