Apologies to our regular readers for covering our Arctic15 event quite excessively recently, but the closer to it we get – the better we think it’ll be! In addition to this, we wanted to let everyone know that we’re sure that the event will be sold out by the end of this week. We’ve got only 40+ tickets left. Just during last week, we registered more than 100 tickets in a few days.

This of course means that if you’re wanting to participate in the event, please purchase your ticket as soon as possible, because soon there will be no more. Once sold out, we’ll have more than 350 people at the event from all over the region. This includes investors (quite many to be honest), entrepreneurs, students and service businesses working in the industry mingling and talking startups in one of the most exciting events to be organised this year!

So in short, please get your tickets today!

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