We’re very excited to announce a completely new event format called Arctic15 that we’ve been putting together since late last year. The event, in its simplest form, will be the best way to launch your company in 2011. We love technology entrepreneurship and we want to support it in the best way we can. Therefore, Arctic15 will launch 15 of the most potential technology startups from the region together with world class keynote speakers. The event will be organised on 22nd of September in Helsinki, Finland. If you’ve been to our ArcticEvenings, you know Arctic15 will rock.

We wanted to come out with the event in good time, as we want startups to acknowledge this and prepare for launch in September. Currently, we have a little teaser site open at Arctic15.com where you’ll be able to signup for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with announcements. In February, we’ll be coming out with a complete site around the event and more information on a lot of issues.

However, we’re able to give some revelations about the startup competition and how it will roll. Even though the focus will be on the new companies and what they will be launching, we’ll also be hosting at least six hand picked speakers that you’d usually have to fly somewhere else to listen to. All in all, it will be one exciting day around new companies, products, world class speakers and fantastic networking possibilities.

For the startups interested in taking part in the competition, please find the possibility, criteria and other pointers below. These are guiding at this point and will be in the final official form at the Arctic15 website as we launch it in full form in February.

Possibility as a startup

– Launch your company in Arctic15 to the fanfare of press, investors, other likeminded entrepreneurs and community thought leaders.
– Win at least 10 000€ prize money.
– Win 5000€ worth of advertising on ArcticStartup for 2011-2012.
– Meet investors (we’re looking to build this into a global investor meetup for startups, not many have visited the region and our conference gives them a great chance, in an easy manner to build an understanding of the region).
– Find new potential partners.


There are two categories for companies to apply in:

1. Completely unlaunched companies: Your company must have been public less than 6 months. Completely unlaunched startups are given preference over public ones. However, if you’re public, the less press there is about you, the better. We’re looking to build Arctic15 into the best launchpad in Northern Europe and thus we value unlaunched companies higher.

2. Existing companies/startups: Existing companies with new product launches also eligible for launching on stage (new products need to be dramatically new though – think of new completely business areas). Preference is given to completely new companies though, but don’t let that stop you from applying.

General eligibility:
– On stage, you must announce and enter a closed beta or open the service to public.
– Industry/sector: At ArcticStartup we roll around consumer internet, mobile and enterprise applications. In general, you could categorise these as digital innovations/services and products. If you think you’ve got it, apply and we’ll see how well you’ll fit.
– Preference given to new startups with no previous publicity
– Some relation to the Nordic and Baltic countries (either the founders are from, or the company is registered to operates in one of the following countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)

Procedure and schedule:

– Submissions will open in February (as the Arctic15 site opens with complete information)
– Submissions open until 31.5. – finalists will be chosen by 17th of June with Jury
– Finalists’ names and logos will be published on the Arctic15 website on 8th of September. Finalists will be contacted by 17th of June, naturally others will be let known as well. This way, the finalists will have time to tweak products until September 22nd.

So, there you have it – it’s going to be really great and in the words of Steve Jobs, we think you’ll love it. If you have any questions or feel you have a great speaker proposal, feel free to e-mail us at arctic15@arcticstartup.com. However, until we update our site we want to invite you to join our Facebook fan page and add your e-mail to the list for more updates in the future at Arctic15.

If you’re interested in marketin opportunities in the event, we have ridiculously affordable packages available. Please contact us at arctic15@arcticstartup.com to find out more.

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